I’ve always loved a fresh home cooked meal. Growing up, food was always made at home using fresh ingredients and pantry staples. Now that I have a family of my own, I’ve endeavored to do the same, but we all know how difficult that can be! My husband and I added a new little one to our family a few years ago and taking care of my son took so much time and energy that we found it easier to order restaurant food. But it just wasn’t the same.

We decided to reach out to some neighborhood friends to prepare extra servings as a favor. We were surprised to see how many people offered to help while we covered the cost of preparation. Among the home chefs were a friend’s grandmother, a college student who loved cooking homemade food, a stay-at-home dad, and a high school teacher.

I posted some pictures of the delicious meals prepared by my neighbors on social media and the next thing I knew people were reaching out to me for my neighbors’ contact information. I asked my husband to design a website and offer a platform to connect people and here we are today. It’s a win-win for all!

It worked for me and I hope you all get the same value out of it. Share and invite more chefs to the network and give yourself a pat on your back for helping someone eat healthier and happier.

Sharon Singh – President and CEO
Kamal Saini – Co-founder
Simon Prince – CFO
Ali Nabeel Ahmed – Lead Developer
Gil Peleg – COO
Chase Ruddy – Special Counsel

Chachi’s is a connects home cooks and private chefs with the local foodies via SMS.  The chefs set up their profile and post their dishes to the app. Local foodies can view the Chef profiles and their dishes being offered locally. Foodie can like the dishes, follow a chef, and even exchange contacts with the chefs in their neighborhood.

Cuisines We Offer

Neither too spicy nor too hot, each Afghani cuisine is a cultural melting pot! From flagship Qabili Palau to mantoo, kabuli pilau, bulani, korma and Afghan lamb pilaf, local chefs at Chachi’s will prepare as well as deliver lip-smacking Afghan food near you! No visits, no queues, just a few clicks or taps and your authentic Afghan dish will be at your door!

Each region of America showcases regional culinary creativity. Explore a decadent range of classic American cuisines online at Chachi’s. From sweets, snacks and delicate crab cakes to hearty barbeque ribs, order American food near you in just a few clicks and taps! Find chefs offering American food delivery in and around your area.

The contemporary yet classic American cuisines will not only satiate your appetite but fill your heart with contentment!

Bengali food is all about sweet and spicy but tasty. Bangladeshi cuisine is as rich and flavourful as the country itself. Chachi’s is a community of local chefs dishing out the best Bengali food near you. From traditional maach (fish) bhaat (rice) to sorsebata Ilish mach, lamb curry, patishapta, each cuisine takes you on a delightful decadent journey.

Fusion of fresh herbs and fish with unique spices is what makes Caribbean dishes must-eats! Take your taste-buds on a delightful yummylicious journey with Caribbean cuisines prepared by local chefs listed over here.

Explore delectable Caribbean food near you here at Chachi’s.

Chinese cuisine is swarmed with countless delightful dishes. Talk of taste and they are available in spicy, sweet, sour, salty and bland flavors all taking you on a gastronomic journey like never before! Chachi’s satiates your search for Chinese food online. Explore our list of chefs offering Chinese food near you.

France is famous all over the world for its gastronomical experiences. The rich culinary history has made French cuisines haute staples for foodies worldwide. Finesse with a tinge of flavor is what defines French food the best. Browse through our list of local chefs to order French food near you.

Are you one of the Greek food lovers? Looking for traditional Greek dishes prepared by local chefs?
Sample the best of Greece here at Chachi’s. Treat your taste buds with moussaka, pastitsio, galaktoboureko – custard Phyllo Pie along with other Greek foods near you! Be ready to explore the rich culinary culture of this Mediterranean Sea enclosed country.

Indian cuisines are known for their spice-packed rich flavour. Each state of India is dotted with culinary diversity, and there is nothing quite like ‘desi delights’! As you click or tap on ‘Indian food near me’ option, you’re swarmed with chefs delivering parathas, dal makhni, biryani, curries, dhokla, fafda, sambhar, etc.

The lip-smacking taste of Indian food will surely lure you into its spell! Order Indian food online anytime, anywhere at Chachi’s!

A foodie’s delight served right- that’s what Indonesian food is all about! Indonesian cuisine is known for the profuse use of herbs and spices tempting every foodie out there! Chachi’s helps you find mouth-watering Indonesian dishes online near you. From traditional Soto to Gado-gado, Bakso, etc. find every Indonesian delight you’ve been yearning for!

Chachi’s brings you a group of local home chefs, cooking and delivering Italian food near you. Satisfy your cravings for risottos, pasta, pizzas, spaghetti, lasagne, tagliatelle, ravioli and more on-the-go! Italian food is known worldwide for its sweet and savory flavors that give you a peep into its culture with every bite.

With a bountiful assortment of regional and season delicacies, Japanese food has created a huge fan- following. Chachi’s local chefs offer Japanese food near you for that gastronomical delight you’ve been waiting for! Take your pick from the favorite sushi, ramen, kare raisu, tempura and more than our local chefs will prepare for you!

Whether you’re busy parents or student have no time to cook, order Japanese food online in just a few clicks or taps!

Bring a little piece of Lebanon on your taste-buds with Lebanese food near you! Sugar and spice, all things nice- that’s what Lebanese cuisine is all about! Be it hummus doused baba ghanoush, the staple shish taouk, falafel or shawarma, Chachi’s offers Lebanese food delivery right from the kitchens of local chefs!

Satiate your hunger pangs with Mexican food delivered by local chefs at Chachi’s. From nachos and tacos to stews, tortillas and spicy soups, explore most appetizing Mexican fiesta foods near you! Spicy and heavy, hearty but healthy, Mexican cuisines infusion with earthy and savory punch deliver an amazing gourmet experience.

Find local chefs delivering Mexican food near you on-the-go!

Nepali cuisine reflects the multi-ethnicity of the tiny nation tucked in the foothills of Himalaya. Many of the unique Nepali foods with a healthy punch exploit a foodie’s taste-buds. Chachi’s helps you find Nepali food near you in just a few clicks or taps. From staple like ‘Dal Bhat’ to thupka, gorkhali lamb, sel roti and more, find Nepalese cuisines rich in flavor constituting a healthy meal.

Find North Indian food near you online here at Chachi’s. Every North Indian cuisine, rich in flavor, takes you on a gastronomic joyride. From simple comfort food like Rajma Chawal to fresh cream doused Butter Chicken and everything in between, chefs listed over here bring you a wide list of North Indian delicacies.

Looking for Pakistani food near you? Pakistani cuisine takes you on a cultural extravaganza while pampering your taste buds. At Chachi’s, we connect you to chefs cooking and delivering Pakistani food online. Explore chargha, gushtaba, khagina, nihari, aloo gosht, Haleem, chicken karahi and more delicacies for a gastronomical sojourn.

Looking for halal food delivery near you? Chachi’s has you covered!

From crispy vadas to piping-hot sambar, fluffy idlis, appetizing rasam and spiced veg to non-veg delicacies, South Indian cuisines never fail to lure our taste buds. They are a treat to the senses! Each south Indian food is rooted in its history and culture. Your search for a hearty yet healthy meal originated from India’s southern states ends here at Chachi’s.

Find delicious South Indian food near you. Explore a pool of chefs cooking south Indian delights and delivering right at your door in just a few licks and taps!

Every foodie’s favorite, Spanish food is famous for its scrumptiousness. From exotic Tortilla Espanola to superb seafood, flavorsome tapas, and more, explore Spanish food near you prepared by local chefs. Each Spanish cuisine is a fusion of fragrances, flavors, and colors firing up your hunger pangs and satiating it at the same time!

Have no time to go to a restaurant? No worries! Explore Spanish food delivery near you cooked by local chefs.

Take your taste buds on a thrilling journey with Thai food near you! Famous for their exotic blend of flavors and fragrances, Thai cuisines have gained remarkable fame all over the world. From fiery bowls of ‘Tom Yum’ soups to succulent pieces of grilled pork, creamy and captivating Tom Kha Kai and stir-fried Kai Med Ma Muang, explore exhaustible Thai food near you. Order online now!

With diversity being a part of its food scenes, Turkish cuisine has become world-renowned. Chefs at Chachi’s cook and deliver Turkish food online keeping its essence intact. A bite of Turkish delights and your heart is at contentment! Find Turkish food such as Lahmacunm, Köfte, Menemen, Döner, Çiğ köfte, Yaprak Sarma, Borek and more near you here at Chachi’s.


No, only the foodies close by to the chef can request contacts. To secure our chefs from spammers, the chef automatically gets notified with the foodie’s contact information.

Yes, many accredited and certified personal chefs are already registered on the app. You can view their profiles and exchange contacts with them as well.

No, we are a completely free platform. All members are assured an ad-free interface.

Simply download our free app from the app store and register. You can join as  a Foodie or a Chef.  Although we are based in the United state, the app is available worldwide. A valid (SMS enabled) mobile phone is required.

Inbox overload?
No problem. You can unsubscribe from our emails anytime.

How to unsubscribe?
1. Log in to Chachi’s Eat Homemade Anywhere app.
2. Go to ‘Settings’.
3. Here, you can turn off ‘Email Notifications’.

Please note, we may still need to send you occasional service emails or legal updates.

We do not process or monitor any requests on the app. We simply let the users exchange their contacts.

This app is not intended for commercial restaurants and different states may have different food handling laws for homemade food.  A foodie can only place a request and the chef is not obligated to entertain all requests. Plan ahead and request the food in advance to give the home chefs enough time to help you.

How it Works?

Chachi’s healthy home cooked meals delivery has you covered! With homemade cuisines at your fingertips, we connect you with chefs in your locality. Spend your time with those you love or focus on the things that matter the most and let us treat the foodie in you!

Explore Indian, American, Chinese, Pakistani, Italian, Caribbean, French, Mexican, Nepalese, Thai, Spanish, Japanese and a lot more cuisines around you.

Nothing brings people together like good food, and Chachi’s brings yummylicious yet healthy homecooked food to you!

If you’re a chef, come list with us today and let the world see your culinary art!