Sometimes, you’re just too tired to cook or go out after a long day. You could order takeout, but many of the options available aren’t very healthy which will derail your fitness efforts. Plus, they just don’t taste home cooked.

For those that want homemade food prepared with locally-sourced and fresh ingredients, even in ethnic cuisine, Chachi’s is the smart answer for eating healthful and delicious food without lifting a finger.

The only finger you’ll need is to point and click on what you want in this handy mobile app. Order fresh-made meals that are created exclusively for you when you want them for as many people as you want and have them brought to you. Here are more reasons why Chachi’s will be your new favorite way to eat out while staying in!

Luxury of choice

Ever try to go out with friends or loved ones only to argue about where and what to eat? With the Chachi’s app, you can order different dishes to suit everyone’s desires. So if you feel like Indian cuisine and your partner doesn’t, you can both find dishes you’ll love.

Date night in

Want to spend time alone together but don’t feel like cooking? Chachi’s makes it easy to have 5-star quality food without a fuss.

More affordable food adventures

Because Chachi’s is a mobile platform designed to connect foodies with area chefs, it’s a much more affordable option for getting extraordinary cuisine while helping budding chefs making it in the culinary world. Plus, you get to taste new things without having to venture out.

Healthier than takeout

Takeout is an awful lot like fast food. It is often prepared with unhealthy ingredients. You can pre-arrange foodie-fabulous food delivered to your home with fresh ingredients for whenever you’re ready for it.

Chachi’s makes short work of healthier eating while opening the doors for more foodie explorations. That’s great news for your resolutions to eat better. It’s not always easy to prepare a healthy meal for yourself. Especially if you feel stuck on the same old things or you’re just too tired to deal with it.

Most people blow their healthy eating diets because of feeling too tired to make the effort. They think a pizza or a trip through the drive-thru is a better option. With Chachi’s, you can keep up your good eating habits. Try Indian, Vegan, Asian Fusion and plenty more all made by chefs that are local to your area that have a desire to make fabulous homemade cuisine with flair that you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

It’s like having a personal chef on call whenever you wish. The foodie revolution is alive and well with Chachi’s!