This is usually the toughest task of all. How do I find a Tiffin service provider abroad when most people do not even know what it means.  For those unfamiliar with the term, we should first define what it means. Tiffin is an Indian English word for a type of meal. It can refer to the midday luncheon or, in some regions of the Indian subcontinent, a between meal snack.

Tiffin Service in America

It is very popular in India and usually some homemade food providers cook food for busy professionals who seek such service.  Yes, it is a meal prepared by a stranger in an non-certified kitchen. That sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, it is not that crazy when you are desperate for homemade food that you miss dearly.  Believe it or not, there are thousands of tiffin service providers in the US as well. Its just hard to find one on Google for an obvious reason, it is punishable by law to solicit homemade food.

What if I am willing to take the risk?

So… if someone is willing to accept the risks of consuming food prepared by a home cook, they just have to post on social media groups to find a provider.  Many providers have their Whatsapp groups where they communicate their daily or weekly menu to the foodie in need.  Yes, Whatsapp groups can be annoying and you might not want to make your mobile phone public to other strangers on the group. We already get enough spam phone calls, who wants more marketers ringing at random hours. This is where Chachi’s is much more discrete and hyper local. This mobile app let’s you exchange phone contacts with local chefs. Chefs can also post their cooking schedule in advance and foodies can request it ahead of time.

Chachi’s provides a list of Tiffin service providers near you. The list is growing and members are enjoying this platform. If you are looking for a local tiffin service provider or thinking of offering your own, do give it a try and I assure you will not be disappointed.